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Current Activities

Early Jamestown
Students in Henry and Arlington counties are personalizing their studies of Jamestown through an engaging, media-rich presentation delivered via the iPad and built by Victory Productions using a new technology that expands the traditional print layout and design capabilities of Adobe InDesign. The features include a Spanish translation of the student text, alternate student text at a lower reading level, and embedded assessments. This effort will offer an interesting model of how activities and lessons in a teacher edition of a text can be embedded directly into the student edition.
World History I and U.S. History II
Students in Pulaski, Newport News, Arlington, and Henry are using instructional materials developed by Pearson for this project. The Pearson pilot runs from November 1, 2010, to February 4, 2011, and aims to engage students, help them master core content, and personalize learning. It features an e-text and supporting apps delivered via the iPad. An engagement app provides gaming activities connected to Virginia’s Essential Questions. The assessment app provides quick study and vocabulary review and uses questions based on SOL test data. The app scores student performance and offers a personalized recommendation for extension or review based on the student’s performance.

For participating middle schools, the content is based on the Virginia edition of America: History of Our Nation: 1865 to the Present, chapters 17-22. Participating high schools are using the Virginia edition of World History: Volume I, chapters 7-12. Engagement, instruction, and assessment are at the center of this new form for digital delivery of content.

AP Biology
Virtual Virginia students are engaged in the project through AP Biology. One group is assigned the traditional print-based text and supporting materials, and another has a version on the iPad via Inkling, a new software platform for rich, interactive learning content. Inkling puts interactive learning content into the hands of students, increasing engagement, and giving teachers insights into student behavior. Embedded video, interactive assessment, and high resolution media engage students. Social note sharing brings students and teachers together in new ways to collaborate and achieve.

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