The Virginia Department of Education has been involved in the development of apps that are available in the Apple App Store for downloading. Through these activities, the following apps have been developed by collaborators:

Aesop's Quest Apples in Hour Hands Beyond Textbooks 2010:
American History Games
Beyond Textbooks 2010:
American History Test Prep
Beyond Textbooks 2010:
World History Games
Beyond Textbooks 2010:
World History Test Prep
Brain Flash C2C! (Coast to Coast) Cell Defender
Computer Carl Disaster Chasers Early Jamestown
Egberta's Equations Energy Footprint Equation Creator
European Exploration:
The Age of Discovery
Factor Race Fraction Factory
Freddy Fraction Governomics Grammar Dragon
History Line iCatch Squares Master the Math
Math Stacker Nation Creation Number Line
Opposite Ocean Opposite Ocean Part II Pass the Past
Portion Platter Professor Garfield:
Professor Garfield:
Fact or Opinion
Professor Garfield:
Forms of Media
Professor Garfield:
Online Safety
Same Meaning Magic
Same Meaning Magic Part II Same Sound Spell Bound Spelling Cat
Sticker Shop Student's Friend:
Mobile Edition
Westward Expansion
Zeppelin Adventure

2009 Virginia Mobile Learning Apps Development Challenge

iPhone Application Programming, Stanford University